Food Menu

Not only are we a grocery store, we have a cook that would more then happily cook your favorite cuisine! You can sit at one of the tables to eat or you can order take-out!


KITFO (Special) ($13.00)

Beef tarter seasoned with our special butter and mitmita (spicy red pepper power prepared raw or cooked)


Cubes of beef seasoned with special butter and spices. Prepared raw or cooked

FIRFIR ($10.00)

Injera moistened with a delicious sauce made up of tender pieces of beef, simmered to perfection in berbere (red pepper powder) sauce, flavored with garlic and other Ethiopian spicies

AWAZE TIBS (Spicy) ($10.00)

Small cuts of beef marinated and cooked with tomato, garlic, berbere, jalapeno pepper and spices

DREK TIBS ($10.00)

Small cuts of been sauteed with onion, rosemary, jalapeno pepper an tomato. Served with awaze sauce (red pepper sauce)

ZELZEL TIBS ($15.00)

Strip charboiled beef sauteed with onion, and other spices. Served with awaze sauce (red pepper sauce)


Combination of veggee plate, with kitfo, dry tibs, dry tibs and awaze tibs


Fresh raw meat served with mitmita and awaze

RIBS with RICE ($12.00)

Beef ribs marinated and oven roasted to perfection. Served with your choice of seasoned rice or injeara


Collared green, beef cubes sauteed in garlic, onion and seasoned butter.


SHIRO ($10.00)

Roasted and powered chick peas simmered to perfection with onion and tamato. Served with a salad


A combination of different lentils and other vegetable dishes. Item vary day to day


Small cuts of vegan beef (mocked) sauteed with onions, rosemary, jalapeno peppers and tomao. Served with amaze sauce

VEGAN AWAZE TIBS (Spicy) ($12.00)

Small cuts vegan beef marinated and cooked with tomato, onion, garlic, berbere, jalapeno peppers and other spices.

PASTA with VEGGIE ($10.00)

Pasta with vegan ground beef, cooked with fresh tomato, garlic and spices with a touch of Ethiopia.


Delicious vegetarian sauce, fresh tomato, garlic, basil

RICE with VEGGIE ($8.00)

Basmati rice cooked with mixed vegetable and other seasonings

FISH DULET ($10.00)

FISH AWAZE ($10.00)

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